Summer Wedding at The Riverview

Miranda & Jacob's Summer Wedding at The Riverview | Connecticut Wedding Photographer

When Miranda reached out to me about her & Jacob’s 2018 wedding, I was thrilled; she was referred by a longtime client and they seemed like such a fun couple - they even chose to take their engagement photos at the Bushnell Park Carousel, an unconventional and amazing location choice (look out for those photos in a future post!). When their wedding day finally arrived, it couldn’t have been more perfect - so much beautiful raw emotion, special details to honor family members who are no longer with them, and sheer joy on everyone’s faces.

The Riverview was an amazing backdrop for their day - they shared a First Look at the gazebo and took bridal portraits by the river. When Jacob saw Miranda during the first look, his emotions overtook him - you could see the sheer joy and love on his face and even I struggled to keep my eyes dry watching the two of them greet each other at the start of their married life. Their First Look was definitely my favorite part of the day.

Every last detail of this wedding was perfect, from the “Best Dog” bandana their dog Kemba wore, to the special sign used to honor Miranda’s father, to the beautiful toasts made by their Maid of Honor and Best man.

Miranda and Jacob, thank you so much for making me a part of your wedding day!

XOXO, Brenda