Created in April 2019, my “SMALL CITY, GREAT WOMEN” Photo Project celebrates the women of New London, CT who are doing great things.

You have been nominated because you are one of them, so let’s celebrate you!

Here’s how it works:

Fill out this pre-interview form to provide Brenda with background information about you and what you are doing that is great, as well as some scheduling information to set up the best date and time for your portrait shoot.

Once the form is submitted, your shoot will be scheduled and Brenda will take your portrait and interview you to get the full details for the profile that will be featured along with your portrait.

Your profile will be be published within 1 month of your portrait/interview date.

Name *
Please list your name, as you would like it published.
Phone *
Profiles may list nominees ages - I want to feature a broad range of women.
The portraits for this project are "Environmental Portraits" -meaning photos that tell the story through your environment and surroundings. Some examples of this include a chef in a kitchen, writer at her desk, or a musician with their instrument. List your idea(s) for possible locations here, and Brenda will work with you to choose the best location.

Check out some of the other featured Great New London Women Here:

Do you know a women who would would be a great fit for the project? NOMINATE HER HERE.