Brenda was born & raised and
currently lives & runs her business in
New London, CT and is constantly in awe of the wonderful things happening in and coming out of her hometown, especially the amazing things being done
by local women.


Do you know a woman in the city of New London who is doing GREAT things? Has she single-handedly grown her own business? Created change? Positively impacted local youth? Created works of art? Overcome the insurmountable? Something else? Tell me about it! I am looking for a diverse group of women to feature in this photo project.

Please note, nominees must have a direct, current connection to the city of New London. This includes women who currently live, work, and volunteer in the city. While I wish I could include every woman that is nominated regardless of where they are geographically, I simply don't have the time available to do so. This is a passion project of mine, and I am working on it while juggling running my business, teaching, volunteering and also helping to care for my nieces and nephews. So, in order to make this project do-able and focused, I can only include nominees with a direct connection to the CITY of New London.

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