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You may have heard that I am having a special Siren Session boudoir event on Sunday, November 17th, 2019. This event is extra special because it is going to be held in my newly expanded studio, and I am so excited to share my bigger and better studio space with you!

You’ve may have also heard that my Siren Sessions are really fun. Or, you have a friend who did one and felt super nervous beforehand, but ended up having a total blast.

But you're still not sure - you're kind of thinking about it... but you have questions.

That's totally fair. I would be nervous too. Or at the very least, a little apprehensive. It's totally normal to have lots of things you are wondering about before you decide to book. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions people have when they are thinking of booking a Siren Session with me:

Q: What does it cost?

A: Sessions are $300 and include 5 high-resolution digital files with printing rights. Your session fee includes custom makeup application as well. There is a $175 retainer fee required to book, with remaining balance of $125 due 1 week prior to your session.

You also have the option to add a custom 20-page 8x8 inch Black Book for the special event price of $300 (regular price is $350).

(Please note that this special pricing is ONLY available on Sunday, November 17th. Regular Siren Session pricing is $500.)


Q: Where does the session happen?

A: The Siren Session Special event will be held in Brenda's newly expanded studio in downtown New London, CT. There are multiple posing areas, including a gorgeous blue velvet couch, chaise lounge, and vintage chairs.

Q: Who will be there during the session?

A: Besides me (someone has to take the pictures, right?) and you, my make-up artist/creative styling assistant, Melissa, will also be there. Melissa is actually my sister and we have a great natural bond, which helps to make your session feel like you're just hanging out with the girls! Both Melissa and I have had boudoir photos of ourselves taken, so we know what it feels like to be in your shoes and we work together to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible. You are also welcome to bring a friend along for emotional encouragement!


Q: What do I wear?

A: Whatever you are comfortable in - whether that is next to nothing, lingerie, a coverup of some sort, or your partners clothing! We can use 2-3 outfits as time allows. You also will have access to our client wardrobe, which includes coverups, lingerie and accessories!

Q: Will you do my make-up?

A: Yes! Melissa, my make-up artist will be there to make sure your true beauty shines through! You should bring your own liquid foundation and favorite lip color, if you have one, but we will have everything else!


Q: Do you use props?

A: For the most part, I like to take natural, prop-free photos that are timeless. However, I do think that a well thought out prop can make photos like these even more meaningful for the recipient.

Some women choose to bring in something relating to their partners careers or interests, like ties, military gear, sports apparel, etc.

Q: What else do I bring?

A: We've already established what you should bring in terms of clothes, make-up, and props, but you may also want to bring a great pair of heels for variation.

Q: Will you tell me how to pose?

A: Yes! Melissa and I will guide you in posing to ensure you feel comfortable and look your best. We know which poses work well for different body types and will make sure that all of your best features shine.


Q: How should I do my hair?

A: Some women choose to have their hair done professionally at a salon before their session; others do it themselves before coming. Melissa and I will be able to help you with a quick touch up, if necessary, and will be armed with plenty of bobby pins and hairspray.

Q: How else do I prepare for the session?

A: Relax - seriously! Don't stress out about it and be ready to have fun. Melissa and I know what we are doing, and are going to make sure you end up with gorgeous photos. I will also send you a session prep list a couple of weeks prior to your session.

Q: What if I am too nervous?

A: It is totally normal to feel nervous about it, but Melissa and I work together to ensure you are comfortable and feel natural. 

Q: Will you photoshop my photos?

A: Although I 100% believe that we are all beautiful just as we are, if you want me to, yes, I can touch up your images.

Sometimes, minor photoshop work will be needed to correct for issues caused by the pose you are in or wardrobe.

Some examples of edits that may be done include skin smoothing or blemish removal.


Q: Who sees my photos?

A: Aside from the people in the room during your session, the only ones who will see your photos are the ones you allow. I will NEVER, ever, share your Siren photos online or use them for marketing purposes without your consent.

Q: When will I receive my images?

A: You will receive your images via your online, password protected gallery on Monday, December 2nd. You will be provided with a download link - the images that will be provided to you are licensed copies for any reasonable personal purposes, including but not limited to: printing, emailing, and web publishing. Custom Albums (if purchased) will be available for pickup 1 week after image selection (they can also be shipped directly to you for a $10 shipping fee). 

Q: How can I book my Siren Session?

A: All of my session booking is done online at www.bookeo.com/bdphoto - session booking is first come, first serve and spots are very limited, so please book ASAP.

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Still have more questions? Feel free to EMAIL ME!

Miranda & Jacob's Summer Wedding at The Riverview | Connecticut Wedding Photographer

When Miranda reached out to me about her & Jacob’s 2018 wedding, I was thrilled; she was referred by a longtime client and they seemed like such a fun couple - they even chose to take their engagement photos at the Bushnell Park Carousel, an unconventional and amazing location choice (look out for those photos in a future post!). When their wedding day finally arrived, it couldn’t have been more perfect - so much beautiful raw emotion, special details to honor family members who are no longer with them, and sheer joy on everyone’s faces.

The Riverview was an amazing backdrop for their day - they shared a First Look at the gazebo and took bridal portraits by the river. When Jacob saw Miranda during the first look, his emotions overtook him - you could see the sheer joy and love on his face and even I struggled to keep my eyes dry watching the two of them greet each other at the start of their married life. Their First Look was definitely my favorite part of the day.

Every last detail of this wedding was perfect, from the “Best Dog” bandana their dog Kemba wore, to the special sign used to honor Miranda’s father, to the beautiful toasts made by their Maid of Honor and Best man.

Miranda and Jacob, thank you so much for making me a part of your wedding day!

XOXO, Brenda